Access to treatment

Lysiac is committed to facilitating access to the optimal treatment for the appropriate patients. To achieve this, detailed knowledge of policies as well as having overview of systems and stakeholders’ interests, are crucial. This involves issues such as reimbursement, tariffs, market access and HTA.

Practice and policy

Lysiac specializes in the interaction between policy and practice, connecting stakeholders and individuals.


Lysiac has worked successfully on reimbursement and access. Moreover, Lysiac is involved in the policies of several national umbrella organizations and the development of procedures in the field of reimbursement decisions and access.


Our vision 

Lysiac works on patient access to the appropriate treatment, taking into account an environment where the balance between cost and quality has to be found more and more, also in the longer term. It is essential that policy and practice are well aligned, especially when parties are faced with a changing environment and new regulations.  


Our mission 

Lysiac is committed to contribute to better alignment of healthcare practice and policy, from a broad societal perspective. To achieve this, Lysiac provides strategic insights into (developing) policies and their application in practice, tailored to your organization.