Expertise, insight and networking

The wide experience and complementary backgrounds of Bart van der Lelie and Evelien Yap give Lysiac a solid base. These sound expertise and knowledge are crucial for gaining insights in policy developments and high quality advice.


As a management team both directors deploy their knowledge and experience in projects involving multiple experts. Depending on the project Lysiac will compose an (international) team of experts to ensure the availability of the right knowledge, network and resources for the project.


/  Drs. L.G. (Bart) van der Lelie is specialized in policy, media and politics in health care.


/  Drs. Evelien Yap, pharmacist, is specialized in market access and reimbursement issues.


Lysiac has expertise in the areas of practice and policy regarding access to medicines and other treatments. More often, the question is complex and there is more to it than following the beaten track. Especially in these cases, it is important to collaborate with other stakeholders, to have creative and solution-oriented thinking and sufficient expertise. As Lysiac works with partners with complementary expertise and in a broad (international) network, Lysiac is agile in responding to demands by working on solutions in a tailored expert team.


In Europe, cooperation between countries is of increasing importance in the field of HTA, pharmaco economics, reimbursement assessment, horizon scanning, pricing and negotiations. The Netherlands plays an important role in these developments, as evidenced by the agenda items during the Dutch EU Presidency of Health in 2016 and the Project Secretariat of EUnetHTA by the Dutch National Health Care Institute (ZINL) starting from 2016.  



Lysiac's involvement in these developments is extensive, not only by monitoring, but also by participating in discussions and meetings, such as those of EUnetHTA and with the Dutch authorities.