General overview

Both the big picture as well as detailed knowledge of the various procedures are important for access to treatment.

Lysiac develops diagrams and schedules which are used for explanation and advice.

Knowledge of details

The diagrams and schedules of Lysiac are an interpretation and provide a simplified overview of the steps in the reimbursement and financing procedures and systems. The criteria (necessity, effectiveness, cost and feasibility) that form the basis for a reimbursement decision, have a place therein. The overviews are used by Lysiac to support explanation. They can provide insights on current policies, the effect in daily practice and the vision on future policies. This forms the basis for informed strategic choices and decisions of an organization.


Practice and policy are constantly evolving and therefore the overviews of Lysiac are too. No rights can be derived and Lysiac is not liable for interpretations of these diagrams and schedules by others.



 Schedule overview systems

width=100 Schedule Personalized Entry Programme